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Design Notes

• Sizing and finished measurements

• Yarn

• Tension/Gauge

• Techniques and skills

• Abbreviations and terminology

• Essential designs to hand knit for children

• Copyright

• Pattern availability


Sizing and finished measurements

As children of the same age are not all the same size, please regard pattern sizing provided as an approximate guide to what size to knit. 

The measurements provided are the approximate finished dimensions of each item, knitted in the listed sample yarn, at the tension/gauge indicated. 

Pattern measurements are rounded to the nearest ½ cm or ¼ inch. 


Design samples have been knitted in yarn that is commercially available, but the patterns also provide information for you to substitute alternative yarn if you wish. 

Colours pictured in design samples were available at the time of the design being created, but we cannot promise that they will continue to be available.  Similarly, we cannot promise that the yarns used in the design samples will continue to be available, as this is also outside of our control.

Yarns used have been listed with their category under the standard yarn weight system of the Craft Yarn Council.  Please note that the tension/gauge listed in the pattern may vary from what is stated on the yarn label, if this was indicated by our sampling.  Yarn length information provided is directly from the producer of the yarn, or potentially another source if not provided on the yarn label, and has not been verified by us.


Please take the time to check the tension/gauge of your chosen yarn before knitting a Knit Nature pattern.  You may need to adjust your needle size to obtain the tension/gauge on which the pattern is based.

Techniques and skills

Where a pattern requires specific techniques or non-basic skills, we have indicated what these are so that you may consider such factors prior to purchasing a pattern. 

Techniques and skills that we regard as “basic” include: casting on, knit stitches, purl stitches, casting off (binding off), picking up (and knitting) stitches, joining seams (with mattress stitch), increasing stitches (kfb, m1, etc), and decreasing stitches (k2tog, p2tog, skp, etc).  The most common technique or non-basic skill that appears in our patterns is the use of “short rows”.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide technical assistance to help you knit our patterns.  There are many excellent books and websites available to help you learn or improve your knitting skills.

Abbreviations and terminology

Our standard list of knitting abbreviations is largely based on the “Knitting Abbreviations Master List” published by the Craft Yarn Council.  Our list of abbreviations provides both UK and US terminology and spelling.  To the small extent that it makes a difference, Knit Nature’s patterns are published using UK terminology and spelling.

Essential designs to hand knit for children

Meeting the baseline requirements for warm clothing was one of the premises that led to the formation of Knit Nature (see About Knit Nature).  In keeping with that goal, we will classify some patterns as “Essentials”.  We will try to keep these patterns suitable for girls and boys.


Copyright in all Knit Nature patterns is the property of Michelle Ben.  All rights are reserved   Amongst other things, this means that without the copyright holder’s permission:

You may not sell, distribute or publish (in any form – paper, electronically, or otherwise) a Knit Nature pattern;

• You may not sell an item knitted from a Knit Nature pattern (or part of such a pattern); and

• You may not represent any Knit Nature pattern (or part of a pattern) as your own work.

The copyright holder will regard breaches of copyright seriously, and take action accordingly.  To this end, we would be grateful to receive any information that identifies to us where copyright may have been infringed. 

More details of our Terms & Conditions are available on this website.

Pattern availability

Knit Nature patterns are only available for purchase as downloadable pdf files from this website.  Patterns are not available to be purchased in printed format.